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Engaging Notification Popups

Catch customer attention by using a Popup for Amadeus-e-retail so they don't miss your message.


Make your special announcement visible enough by using the Popup app. Increase your Amadeus-e-retail store sales.

Customized Popup

Choose the popup layout, colors and behavior. Make it fit to your Amadeus-e-retail website style.

How «Popup» App looks on Amadeus-e-retail website ?

Configure your Popup app to work as you want on your Amadeus-e-retail store. Choose the content, image, timing, popup template and more.

«Popup» App for Amadeus-e-retail -
Why should you use it in 2024

Customer feedback

Getting feedback from shoppers is an important aspect of e-commerce that is often ignored by several merchants. Customer feedback is important because it informs decision making and influences changes to your product or service. Brands can incorporate popups on their Amadeus-e-retail website in the form of quick surveys at the end of chat sessions. When utilised correctly, popups can collect precious insight without disrupting the customer’s buying experience.

Reduce abandoned carts

Most merchants know how annoying it can be to see a large number of customers leave their website after adding products to their carts. Brands looking for ways to reduce cart abandonment should use popups to create an air of scarcity which will encourage customers to purchase products fast. Customers can have a hard time making a decision so using popups to incentivise them will put your Amadeus-e-retail website on the path to success.

Smartarget «Popup»

One of the best ways to reel in your customers is by providing mouthwatering offers they can’t resist. Popups give merchants a way to convert their customers as they surf their websites for various products and services. When used in conjunction with other apps Popups are powerful tools that help brands get sales up. Merchants should improve their Amadeus-e-retail website by utilising exciting popups that encourage customers to claim offers instantly.

«Popup» App for Amadeus-e-retail

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Singup on Smartarget (free, no credit card is needed) Sign up for free
2. Setup your own «Popup» configuration
3. Go to Integrations and copy the Javascript code
4. Paste the code in your Amadeus-e-retail website

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