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Better communication

Show your Amadeus-e-retail customers any message you want and be sure the see it


Information message is a non-intrusive communication app that will address your message but won't disturb your customers


User Information Message on your Amadeus-e-retail to tell your customers about new promotions and items

How Ā«Information MessageĀ» App looks on Amadeus-e-retail website ?

Information Message for Amadeus-e-retail can be customized with different colors, behavior, location on desktop and mobile, etc.

Ā«Information MessageĀ» App for Amadeus-e-retail -
Why should you use it in 2024

Personalized messaging

As more people shop online more customers will choose brands that provide tailored solutions that cater to all their needs. Merchants can accomplish this by collecting specific information on website visitors to provide personalized information messages. Using personalized information messages is a strategy that can be used on all Amadeus-e-retail websites to make customers feel like the brand knows about their needs and has what it takes to solve them.

Highlight important information

When you have several customers visiting your e-commerce website itā€™s important to be able to dish out information as fast as possible. Physical stores accomplish this by using a public address system when alerts customs to important information like sales, closing for the year or upcoming events. Since Amadeus-e-retail websites donā€™t have a physical location one of the ways business owners can get out information to all customers who visit their website is by using the Information message app.

Smartarget Ā«Information MessageĀ»

Up-selling and cross-selling are easy ways merchants increase their average order value (AOV) by encouraging customers to also take a look at certain products or services they may like. Merchants who use good up-selling or cross-selling techniques on their Amadeus-e-retail website persuade customers to invest more in their brand. Experienced merchants can use the information message app with good up-sell or cross-sell tactics to make their customers invest in good products and services from their brand.

Ā«Information MessageĀ» App for Amadeus-e-retail

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Singup on Smartarget (free, no credit card is needed) Sign up for free
2. Setup your own Ā«Information MessageĀ» configuration
3. Go to Integrations and copy the Javascript code
4. Paste the code in your Amadeus-e-retail website

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