How to install Smartarget Instagram Follow Us from the Thinkific App Store

Free Plus

1. Choose “FREE PLUS” option
2. Setup the design and position of the Instagram Follow US on your Thinkific website.
3. Add your Instagram profile ID.
4. Click on ‘Save settings’.
5. Fill in the signup details: Name, email address and password.


1. Choose “FREE” option
2. Add your Instagram profile ID.
3. Click on ‘Save settings’.

What is the difference between the Free and Free Plus plans?
The FREE plan will show the app on the homepage only with a powered "By Smartarget" message and has limited customization options.

Free Plus has unlimited customizations, daily usage reports and will show the app on all pages for 14 days. After 14 days the apps will be visible on the homepage only + powered "by Smartarget" message.
You will still have all the customizations and daily usage reports.

Do you have any question?
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