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Snapchat for Wobiz

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Snapchat - Retargeting Customers

Post on Snapchat and bring back your customers to your Wobiz store


Share new items and deals that you have on your store.

How «Snapchat - Follow Us» App looks on Wobiz website ?

Setup your Snapchat Follow Us app on your Wobiz store and make it very visible. Choose the call to action, colors, position on desktop and mobile.

«Snapchat - Follow Us» App for Wobiz -
Why should you use it in 2024

User engagement

Increase your Snapchat followers by promoting Snapchat has seen meteoric growth among the Gen Z demographic, with over 800 million active users it has caught the attention of many businesses. Brands looking to carve out a piece of their audience should have the Snapchat Follow Us option fully integrated into their Wobiz website. Shoppers can use your link to stay connected with your brand on the platform. Seasoned merchants are already thinking up new ways to use Snapchat to boost user engagement on their website.

Community growth

Promote your Wobiz website on your Snapchat allows businesses to amass a thriving community around their products and services. When merchants use the Snapchat Follow Us button to grow their followers on the platform they are on their way to growing a community of customers who will become brand advocates. Most businesses have to pay a lot for marketing but no amount of marketing will beat a loyal community of customers ready to flood your Wobiz website.

Smartarget «Snapchat - Follow Us»

Getting shoppers to follow your page on Snapchat should be the first step of your marketing strategy. Merchants should focus on what comes next after they have gotten customers to use the Follow Us option on their Wobiz website. This presents an exciting opportunity for e-commerce businesses to showcase their brand from a broader perspective. Business owners should be innovative and run campaigns on Snapchat to put them ahead of their competitors.

«Snapchat - Follow Us» App for Wobiz

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Singup on Smartarget (free, no credit card is needed) Sign up for free
2. Setup your own «Snapchat - Follow Us» configuration
3. Go to Integrations and copy the Javascript code
4. Paste the code in your Wobiz website

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