Whatsapp app for Wix

Get Whatsapp Chat for your Wix site and make sure to be available for your customers.

Whatsapp - Contact Us for Wix

Wix is a great website builder platform, but let’s face it - you need some features that are simply not available there, for example, WhatsApp icon that will be visible on all your pages and will allow your Wix site visitors to contact you directly to your WhatsApp.

Why You Should Use WhatsApp On Your Wix website?
You already spent a lot of time building your Wix website and when customers write to you, they would expect to get an answer quickly, but that cannot always happen.

If you use live chat on your Wix site - they might leave the website before you answer them.
If you use email on your Wix site - they might miss your email when you reply to them or it could even go to the spam folder.

When using WhatsApp - Contact Us for Wix, users will write you directly and will also get your reply directly to their mobile device or desktop app. The good thing by using WhatsApp as chat support for Wix is that you can be sure that the customers will always get your reply, even if it took you a few hours to get back to them.

How to add WhatsApp to your Wix website?

  1. Singup on Smartarget (free, no credit card is needed)
  2. Configure your WhatsApp - Contact Us app
  3. Go to Integrations and copy the Javascript code
  4. Now go to your Wix settings
  5. Click the Custom Code tab in the Advanced section.
  6. Click + Add Custom Code at the top right.
  7. Paste the code snippet in the text box.
  8. Enter a name for your code: Smartarget WhatsApp
  9. Select an option under Add Code to Pages: All pages
  10. Choose where to place your code under Place Code in: Body End
  11. Click Apply

That’s all! You have now WhatsApp on all your Wix site pages. If you have any problem or question, you’re always welcome to contact us.

What you should know about «WA - Contact Us» for Wix

Wix is a powerful eCommerce platform and by using Smartarget you can make it even better. Here are few points you should know about our «WA - Contact Us»:

  • It's free!
  • Simple integration and no-coding!
  • You don't need to update/maintain it
  • Works both on Desktop and Mobile