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Mobile & Desktop

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How «Click to call» App looks on Oracle-commerce-cloud website ?

Setup Click to Call to fit your Oracle-commerce-cloud store design.

«Click to call» App for Oracle-commerce-cloud -
Why should you use it in 2022

Click to call with whatsapp on Oracle-commerce-cloud, an engaging and quicker option

As we knew that the Oracle-commerce-cloud is may be the easiest option, so putting a click to call with whatsapp on Oracle-commerce-cloud can make it an easy for you to engage with each and every customer. Now days the emerging trend is all happening by the few taps on mobile phones. Queries would just be a matter of time to handle on Oracle-commerce-cloud. As on Oracle-commerce-cloud you know about your website better than anybody else, so the rush of the calls can be handled easily and quickly. Your proactive approach can be a great asset here.

Safe and secure expansion

Safety and security with the expansion of your business is the one dream that can become true with the click to call with whatsapp on Oracle-commerce-cloud. An easy database can be created by adding click to call on Oracle-commerce-cloud. You can track and gather all information about your regular or random customer from the Oracle-commerce-cloud through click to call with whatsapp option. Where your products are doing well and where you need to expand can be easily traceable with click to call with whatsapp on Oracle-commerce-cloud. If you know about the demand before a call then the conversation can be more productive and fruitful.

Smartarget «Click to call»

Everything at Oracle-commerce-cloud can be handled by you in a cost effective manner. And when you try to put a click to call with whatsapp feature on your Oracle-commerce-cloud then you can innovates the Oracle-commerce-cloud in accordance with the reviews. Upgrading the design templates can be very easy. You are available 24/7 on click to call with whatsapp, which makes it an easy for you to handle changes in the demand and market as well. The ideas and innovations can be implemented on demand with ease. The management of business and website can be easy and smooth for you.

«Click to call» App for Oracle-commerce-cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Singup on Smartarget (free, no credit card is needed) Sign up for free
2. Setup your own «Click to call» configuration
3. Go to Integrations and copy the Javascript code
4. Paste the code in your Oracle-commerce-cloud website

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