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Grow your mailing list by using Popup Forms for Kajabi


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How «Popup Forms» Plugin looks on Kajabi website ?

Choose the theme, colors and behavior of your Popup Forms so it fits your Kajabi website

«Popup Forms» Plugin for Kajabi -
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How Popup Forms for Kajabi works

You can choose how you would like to offer customers to sign up for your newsletter using the Popup Forms for Kajabi. The first option is to simply show a popup when a user visits your website. It's clear that not every user would like to sign up and they will dismiss the popup, but you can choose how often it will ask them again in the future. You can set the Popup Forms to not show at all in the future or to be shown again after several days. Another option is to show the Popup Forms as a button on your Kajabi website. So when users click on the button, it will show it and they can sign up, or not.

Works on computers and mobile devices!

Popup Forms by Smartarget supports both computers and mobile devices. We know that your Kajabi site is suitable for different types of devices, screen resolutions, etc and therefore also our apps are 100% compatible with almost every possibility. So no matter what is the source of your traffic, our Popup Forms will help you to grow your mailing list easier and faster. If there is any issue with our app on your Kajabi site, please let us know and we will be glad to help.


Smartarget «Popup Forms»

Design your Popup Forms in a simple way, use good copywriting to make sure that you deliver a good message in your popup so customers will put their email address for getting into your mailing list, making sure that you bring customers back or converting them to be paid customers. It takes less than 5 min to create a popup with email subscription, you don't need any technical knowledge to do that.

«Popup Forms» Plugin for Kajabi

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Singup on Smartarget (free, no credit card is needed) Sign up for free
2. Setup your own «Popup Forms» configuration
3. Go to Integrations and copy the Javascript code
4. Paste the code in your Kajabi website

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