Why & How To Sell On Instagram Shopping

Instagram for a long time is not just a social media to share your personal photos with friends and family, it’s a powerful marketing tool that creates fans around your brand that allow you to communicate and promote your products.

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Instagram Shopping - Your storefront on Instagram

Instagram allows you to create a store in their platform and tag relevant products that you sell in posts or stories. Your users can see it and buy directly from Instagram, it’s simply another channel for you to increase sales.

Instagram hashtag will drive you more and more traffic and slowly you can grow your own fans. That being said, the product tags work the same as tagging other users while you can simply tag your own products within any post and Instagram will show a small shopping icon that will indicate to the user that they can buy an item.

Did you know?

  • Instagram now has 1 billion users, 200 million of whom go to a business profile every day.
  • 80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram.
  • 55% of users have purchased products discovered on Social Media.

Getting More Followers on Instagram

One way to get followers within Instagram is by promoting your posts and stories. But you already spend money on different sources to get traffic to your website or even bring back customers who are already familiar with your brand, those are users that would be more willing even to follow you on Instagram.

Smartarget Instagram - Follow Us shows a non intrusive, yet very visible, which invites them to follow you on Instagram. You can configure the design and behavior to fix your own preferred user experience so both existing and new users will know about your Instagram account, which will allow you to gain more followers and retarget them with your products.

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