Why Should Oxygen Builder Sellers Offer Customer Care Via Whatsapp?

Oxygen builder offers flexible elements to build your website or e-commerce store effortlessly using the drag and drop function. You can customize your e-store in no time and enjoy the benefit of not spending too much time and energy on technical aspects.

Now that your store is set up and running, as a seller, you get to answer any queries from your customers. However, users are expecting quick answers, or else they are moving towards the other hundreds of options available online.

Not all communication methods are quick and effective. That is the reason why most sellers are upgrading their customer support and preferring it through WhatsApp. Especially if your online store is based on the Oxygen Builder application, it is easy, effective, and swift using this method.

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Benefits Of Providing Customer Care Through Whatsapp For Oxygen Builder Users

Easy Integration: Integrating a customer support system for Oxygen Builder users might be easy, but when you need it through WhatsApp, it is different, and you need extra support. Thankfully you have several third-party applications that serve this purpose.

Free Third-Party Apps

As already mentioned, you get to use third-party applications to support the integration of customer support via WhatsApp. Fortunately, you also get them for free, and if you want the branding of the third-party app, you get it at a nominal fee.


Several users already have WhatsApp on their phones, meaning your users need not install another new app to communicate with you. They will be happy to communicate through the medium they already know.

Continuous Conversation

Usually, with the other customer support facilities, if you close the chat window, your conversation is lost. However, when you use customer support via WhatsApp, you can continue it even after closing the window several times.

Convenient Response

You and the user can respond quickly as they know when they have a message and respond instantly. They can even choose to respond at some other convenient time as these messages stay in their WhatsApp.

Easy Reference

Messages are stored for further reference, and if your users need a similar service or useful when your customer needs to check back on what you suggested when they prior had the same issue.

Effortless Reachability

Users will have a channel to get to you quickly and easily without any hassle. Generally, this helps them bond with your store better and is a reliable communication method to count on.

There are numerous such advantages for Oxygen Builders when they provide customer support via WhatsApp to their e-store customers. The pre-sale, during-sale, and post-sale activities will improve as your customers receive top-class guidance with the right tools.

Do you want to add Whatsapp for your Oxygen Builder website? Get now! Whatsapp for Oxygen Builder