Why Is Live Chat Via Whatsapp Or Facebook Messenger Best For WooCommerce Customer Support?

Live chat option, when combined with social media integration, is a hit combination to reach your audience conveniently. It is not only on par with the modern communication methods but also improves your sales success rate for your WooCommerce based stores.

Your users can chat with your support managers and resolve their queries immediately, leading to improved sales. They will have the information you provide right in their social media accounts to check back whenever needed.

Using the live chat facility through social media options such as WhatsApp app and Facebook messenger app for the WooCommerce store, you can:

  • Provide a comfortable chat experience that your customers would love
  • Communicate through the medium they know
  • Supply them with instant solutions
  • Improved response time as you can respond faster
  • Customers can respond at their convenience

When using the Smartarget apps for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that allow you to chat with your customers through the social media connected apps, add higher credibility to your e-store. You can integrate these apps in no time with minimal effort and enjoy maximum benefit with sure results.

Check out the app options available as mentioned below.

Whatsapp Chat App

You have three app behaviors to select from based on your requirement. The first one is to provide a list of support managers to select from for customers to chat with. The second option allows your customers to open a chat with the first support manager. The final option allows your user to directly loads WhatsApp web without any additional actions.

The several customization options allow you to update the chat choices to suit your preferences. It also helps you to make it more user-friendly by adding various text messages as you need for buttons and text fields.

You can do the following customization for the WhatsApp chat app:

  • Change button text
  • Select one of the three app behaviors when the user clicks the button
  • Edit window content such as title, subtitle, footer, and message input placeholder
  • Choose the button type
  • Edit button text
  • Choose a position for button placement for desktop and mobile
  • Add animation to a button
  • Add, update, or delete chat support managers
  • Add a phone number

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Please note that the above customization possibilities vary according to the app behavior you choose, and not all options are present with every choice.

Facebook Messenger App

There are similar customization options as above, such as adding Facebook messenger id, Custom call to action message, a choice to hide the call to action message, along with button animation option. You can also choose the position of the chat icon on desktop and mobile.

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Finally, it is a smart move to integrate such apps into your e-commerce store and gain better sales traction. There are several other advantages that you will only realize once you start using these apps.