Solution For Abandoned Cart Issue For WooCommerce And Shopify Stores

A seller can capture the user's attention who abandons the Shopify cart after filling it, in two ways. There are greater chances of the WooCommerce sale going through if you contact the customer through an exit pop-up or a follow-up email.

Check out more details about how you can implement these methods for concluding the abandoned cart purchase below.

Exit Popup

Indecisive users add items to their WooCommerce or Shopify cart but try to close or navigate away from the e-store without filling in the details. The exit popups help you encourage such users to process the abandoned cart by providing them with a discount or a coupon.

It pops up right when they decide to exit the Shopify store and helps them make a decision. You can put a discount or limited time offer or any other strategy that you think your users will love in these popups. They should be attractive and function smoothly to reconsider an abandoned cart.

Since you do not have an email id to email them later, the exit popup will help WooCommerce sellers to grab userโ€™s interest then and there, allowing them to rethink their decision. Creating such popups is made easy using various WooCommerce and Shopify compatible apps.

However, you need to choose apps that offer complete customization of the design and the functionality of the popup.

Get Exit Popup for WooCommerce by Smartarget

Get Exit Popup for Shopify by Smartarget

Email For Payment

Few users go through the process of adding products and details to the WooCommerce cart but donโ€™t complete the payment part. Here you will have user details such as email id using which further communication can be established. You can just remind them or offer some benefit to complete the abandoned cart payment by sending them an email.

Asking them to finish the payment might sometimes remind them that they have not completed the transaction or if they navigated by mistake from the Shopify or WooCommerce store. There may be many other reasons, but users with the above reasons will find this email handy to find their lost or abandoned cart.

Apart from the above reasons, some smart users these days are aware of the offers flooding their inbox after they abandon their e-shopping cart. They do so for making purchases at a discounted rate, and when you do exactly that, they return to the abandoned cart for completing the sale.

You can wrap up these WooCommerce or Shopify store orders by doing just what they need, and when you ignore these carts, they will go ahead with the email from your competitor. When you have tough competition, it is always better to be a step ahead of them by using apt Shopify apps, to be successful.

Another good reason is just to ask your customers why they abandon the cart and to let you know if there is anything you can do about it. You can get a sale or at least a reason which is useful to improve the Shopify store further.

However, for all of these to be possible, you need a standard system to identify the users of abandoned carts and communicate with them effectively. Special apps designed to work with WooCommerce and Shopify for emailing purposes are deal savers in this case.

Wrapping Up

Ensure you get automatic notifications about abandoned carts to email them, as it is an important feature that helps you contact Shopify store customers quickly. By following these two steps, you will find a significant increase in purchases for abandoned carts built using WooCommerce.

Get Exit Popup for WooCommerce by Smartarget

Get Exit Popup for Shopify by Smartarget