How to get more traffic

With so many websites competing for attention, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and make yours known. If you already have your business and website all set up but are not seeing the traffic you want, there are some things to consider to discover how to get more traffic.

Watch analytics

A good place to start is to look at the source of your traffic. Watch your analytics to see what sources are driving the most traffic, what is converting the most, and what keeps your users engaged for the longest time. Once you better understand your conversion and click rates you can optimise your approach: you can experiment with content to see what works best and implement those successful practices into other areas that might not be as high-performing.

Optimise your content

There are many ways you can implement SEO and optimise your content and increase engagement. Make sure your content is always of the highest quality and relevant to your business, and keep it fresh by reviving any outdated content. Make sure to use internal links and backlinks, and also be sure to fix any broken links. The loading speed of your website also makes a huge difference to retaining the attention of your audience, so it is imperative to make sure it is as fast and responsive as possible.


Marketing is extremely important and luckily, there are many avenues you can use for this. To start with, every social media platform offers something different for you to use, depending on the type of audience you want to attract. With Facebook for example, you have the option of having a business page, using ads to promote and sell products, and you can also directly market different things at targeted groups very easily. Instagram is good for visibility as you can have your own curated profile and can create ads that appear in users’ feeds even if they are not following you, that include links to drive website traffic.

Email marketing is a great way to directly target your existing audience in order to drive traffic to your website, promote a product or company news, or to re-engage them. To market your brand to a wider audience, joining group pages or discussions and doing some guest blogging on platforms such as Quora and Medium can be useful for brand awareness. It engages your brand with a like-minded community, establishes your expertise in your field and attracts new customers.