How Does Oxygen Builder Popup Help In Successful Lead Conversion

Visitors to your online store typically stay only for 15 seconds before they decide to leave if you cannot interest them. This timeframe is a critical part where you need to capture the attention of the audience. Making them browse around requires you to provide a stimulating element such as a popup that catches their eye.

Popups can add several functional elements that output interesting actions. Not all tools provide you the ease of popup customization like Oxygen Builder. Otherwise, coding the advanced functionalities into a popup requires good programming knowledge.

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Encourages Reconsidering

Converting your traffic solely depends on how well your popup functions and what you decide to present in those popups. The most popular way to use them is to provide coupons that encourage your potential customer to stick around and check more products, just when they plan to exit.

Such an attempt is known as exit-intent overlays, activated when the user moves the cursor from bottom to top. When these prompts are loaded with an offer, they might rethink their options, and the chances are high that they stay for a while and look more closely at your products.

Effective Design

Well, not every popup has that influence of drastic conversion power. Only eye-catching designs with excellent functionality have that impact on clients. Oxygen Builder makes your job easier to create exactly such designs effortlessly, i.e., without the need to code.

Since the graphical part of a popup is equally essential as much as the strategy, you need to focus on the design also. Thankfully it is a breeze to customize popups using Oxygen Builder.

Creates Lead Magnets

Similarly, another way to use these popups for sale conversion is to make them more specific by offering the user a discount on the product they were browsing. It is one of the most successful lead magnets, and then followed up with a signup form, you get a customer for future deals.

All you need is the right strategy to target your customers appropriately. A sensible way to do this is to check the strategy of your top competitor and design a better offer than them. When you have the Oxygen Builder for making these popups, you can build any number of fantastic popups within minutes at no extra cost.

Final Words

You can design several other popup strategies such as sign up for a discount, weekly deals, advance promotion, limited-time offers, and many more. Enjoy the sky-rocketing sales using the responsive popups designed with the support of Oxygen Builder.

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